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Bonelle Pastry Shop; The Sweet Tooth of Forest Hills, Queens

On the corner of Ascan Boulevard and Austin Street, sits Bonelle Pastry Shop, a staple of Forest Hills, Queens for the last 23 years. In between the bustling, four-way intersection of brisk-walking New Yorkers and car horns, the smell of fresh baked goods greets customers as they walk through the doorway, a comforting aroma in these cold winter months.

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CrossFit is more than just exercise


This project became a challenge to me because of the massive amount of sport conflicts I had. We were in Maryland for conference games and didn’t arrive back at campus until 11pm on tuesday evening. I had to make a quick turn around while also playing a game on Thursday. I’m having difficulty with burning all my photos and processing them into a JPEG version. It’s really frustrating.

On the plus side, I feel like the in-class critiques really helped me with accomplishing a better piece both visually and structurally than what I had composed on my rough draft.

Underground with Spin Jam Mondays!

By Eric Santiago

HOLTSVILLE, NY — February 17, 2014

Over the blaring electronic thrum of Avicii’s “Levels,” Cheryl Ruebner struggles to make her voice heard.

“The community is growing,” she said. “People see that it looks like fun, and they want to join.”

Ruebner, who goes by the stage name, Ember Fox, runs the the Spin Jam Mondays! Facebook group with her boyfriend, Josh Sullivan. The two host events that foster a community of spin artists, a blanket term that refers to dancers who use props in their performances. Swords, staffs, hula hoops and more are all on the table.

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