What’s the Hoopla All About? The Hula Hoop Enthusiasts Club

By: Julius Lasin

As students wielding large plastic hoops file into the dim-lit room in the Student Activities Center, Christian Cann, the treasurer of the Hula Hoop Enthusiasts Club, recalls the long journey he’s taken to become an adept hula hooper.

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Designer Cutting Boards, LLC.

When Patrick Corrigan cut and designed a cutting board for his son’s girlfriend two years ago, he had no idea that that was his first step into the cutting board business.

“I love working with the wood; I love cutting the boards,” he said. “I just love every part of it.”

In December 2012, Corrigan, of Hicksville, NY, sealed the deal by making a dozen boards for his son to give to people in his apartment building for Christmas.

“It started out first as a hobby and then it quickly became a part-time business,” he said.

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Deja Vu Dance Troupe: A Family of Dancers

So an Italian, an Indian and an African American walk into a studio. No, this is not the beginning of a really bad joke, but merely a taste of the diversity within Deja Vu Dance Troupe.

What started off as a hip-hop dance team, evolved into a fun, multi-cultural outlet for students at Stony Brook University to relieve stress, make lasting friendships and do what they love most—dance.

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AntiGravity Yoga

Lauren VanDeinse’s blind trust in a piece of fabric has changed her entire life, now she works to share this experience with others through teaching AntiGravity Yoga.

VanDeinse, 26, from Babylon, New York is a full-time yoga instructor at three different yoga studios on Long Island.

She first started yoga as a teenager when she attended a class with her mother. When she entered college, VanDeinse continued to do yoga occasionally, but her practice came to an end when she severely injured her knee in 2009 while working as a horse trainer.

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