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Cheerleading: dangers of the sport

At schools like Stony Brook, during the football and basketball seasons, most parents, coaches and fans are focused on the players, and their safety. However, not many of them are aware that there is a sport that is more dangerous – cheerleading. Continue reading Cheerleading: dangers of the sport


Ana Sanchez, Ceramic Artist at Stony Brook University’s Craft Center

Ana Sanchez has been an instructor at Stony Brook University’s Craft Center for two years, teaching students and Long Island residents the skills to make pottery pieces. Sanchez was originally born in Brooklyn, but has traveled to many countries across Europe studying her craft, and now lives on Long Island.

I was put in touch with Ana by members of the Craft Center. I had to get approval from the Art department to shoot, and needed to find a teacher willing to let me photograph her class. Ana was a great subject, and lived a very interesting life fully dedicated to artistic endeavors. Her class also welcomed me with open arms.

I had difficulty adjusting to the light in the room for whatever reason. As a result, some of the photos had a lot of grain in them, which is difficult to remove, even in Photoshop. I enjoyed learning something I had never known about in the process of doing this piece, and I like Ana’s passion and dedication to teaching.

I rolled around on the dusty ground, and was definitely a little dirty after the shoot. My nose was a little stuffy too. Clay residue is not pleasant. But overall I enjoyed doing the piece. The only hangup was that there was not much usable natural sound, because the pottery wheel did not sound clear on the audio recorder, and there was not much else to use besides Ana’s voice.


Throwback Thursday: Ice Breaker Challenge

On Friday, September 5, 2014, I took the JRN 320 Ice Breaker Challenge. My task was to shoot a portrait of five random people on Stony Brook University’s campus after asking them all one question. The question they had to answer was, “If money didn’t matter, what would your occupation be?”

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Solar Racing Team audio slide show pitch

The Stony Brook Solar Racing Team works on the hull of the solar-powered boat. Photo from sbusolarracing.weebly.com.
The Stony Brook Solar Racing Team works on the hull of the solar-powered boat. Photo from sbusolarracing.weebly.com.

I covered the Stony Brook Solar Racing Team last semester for a narrative journalism class, and I think the team would make an interesting subject for the audio slide show assignment. For more than a decade the team has built a solar-powered boat for the IEEE Solar Splash competition, but this year they may switch to a solar car. Because they are working on an entirely new vehicle, they will be starting from scratch, so there will be plenty of opportunity to capture elements of the construction. I think the sound from the workshop will also work well. I talked to members of the team last year, so I think I would be able to get access. I just need to look for a good angle that will give interesting insight into the team.

Crazy Beans


Crazy Beans is a coffeehouse and eatery that is located in two places on Long Island. Callie Brennan first opened up the original shop in Miller Place and then opened up a second branch in Stony Brook Village in partnership with her fiancé, Timothy Martino this May. Martino is also the chef. The menu has a variety of coffees, espressos, lattes, smoothies, breakfast foods, lunch and customized specials. The Beans, as it is also called, also hosts open mic nights and invites local bands to perform for their guests.

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